This week’s topics include new hip and knee prostheses, cannabis use in adolescents, questionable use of medicines in people with dementia, and aspirin to prevent preeclampsia.

Program notes:

0:35 Cannabis use in teenagers
1:35 Frequency of use before age 17 and outcomes
2:35 Do metabolites compromise neurons?
3:36 Need to have efforts to reform legislation
3:58 Continuing medications in advanced dementia
4:58 Over half received medications of questionable benefit
5:58 Opportunity to decrease adverse events
6:22 Aspirin for preeclampsia
7:23 Risk reduction by about 10-20%
8:01 New hip and knee prostheses
9:01 Over 15,000 implants
10:05 Approval of devices needs registry
10:51 End

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