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PodMed – Week of May 16, 2016

May 13, 2016


This week’s topics include symptoms in smokers, long term impact of caring for chronically ill, swaddling and SIDS, and CO2 and colonoscopy.

Program notes:

0:49 Carbon dioxide and colonoscopy
1:50 CO2 absorbed much faster
2:50 Modest new equipment
3:38 Swaddling and SIDS
4:41 Increases rate of SIDS
5:42 Risk much higher if the baby is face down
6:06 Providing care to chronically ill
7:11 Most caregivers have high levels of depressive symptoms
7:42 Symptoms in smokers with preserved lung function
8:42 Trajectory toward more symptoms?
9:35 May have lost pulmonary function
10:26 End

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