An integrated app expertly integrates post-heart attack care, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Corrie is the name of an app that integrates all aspects of post-heart attack care so people can avoid having a second one. Corrie was developed at Johns Hopkins by a team, including cardiologist Seth Martin, who says the app development came about because of patient need.

Martin: A big feature of Corrie is high quality patient education. In the form of written articles but also in the form of animated videos, and so it’s about education, it’s about tracking your key heart indicators, your heart rate, your physical activity. It has a connected blood pressure monitor. It’s about understanding your medicines and tracking those medicines on a daily basis, it’s about what appointments are critical for you during follow up, getting calendar reminders to go to those appointments. A lot of it is fundamental pieces of one’s care that often falls through the cracks.  :32

Martin expects Corrie to be available much more widely soon. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.