April 1, 2015 – Cancer at Work


Anchor lead: Cancer at Work is a new program designed to help people manage the condition during their working years, Elizabeth Tracey reports

When cancer develops in someone who’s working, or an employee must manage a loved one with the disease, a new program developed at Johns Hopkins called ‘Cancer at Work’ can help.  Terry Langbaum, chief administrator in the Kimmel Cancer Center, describes the program.

Langbaum: The most important thing we can do with this program is to actually prevent cancer. And so we really tried to include all of it: cancer prevention, managing cancer at work, cancer survivorship, and cancer caregiving in one site.  We know of no other site that really addresses these issues for managers and supervisors. We help them with how to have that conversation when one of your employees is telling you they have a cancer diagnosis and they’re going to be out for a period of time or in and out for a period of time.  We know of no other comprehensive program like this one.   :30

Langbaum says the program is being tested at Johns Hopkins and then will be made available widely to employers who may need it.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.