April 10, 2019 – Donating an HIV+ Kidney


Anchor lead: Why would someone with HIV donate a kidney? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Have you ever considered donating a kidney? People do so for a number of reasons, including helping a loved one and giving back. Dorry Segev, one of the transplant surgeons at Johns Hopkins involved in the recent historic kidney transplant between an HIV positive donor and recipient, also asked the donor that same question.

Segev: When you ask people with HIV if they would become living donors and why, you get solidarity with other HIV positive individuals, a feeling that not only did they control their disease but they conquered their disease. Years ago HIV was a death sentence. Even today HIV is associated with so much stigma and to destigmatize this by saying not only am I okay, but I can give a part of my body to somebody and save their lives as well, that’s really exciting.  :33

Segev hopes others with HIV will consider kidney donation. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.