April 25, 2017 – Physician Burnout


Anchor lead: A new survey says most docs would choose medicine again, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Burnout among medical professionals, especially doctors, is much in the news lately, but now a new survey undertaken by the American Medical Association reveals that 90% of physicians would choose medicine again. Janice Clements, Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs at Johns Hopkins, says she’s not surprised, but issues remain.

Clements: They are happy, they are doing one of the best things that they can do, take care of people. What the lack of joy is in, is all the things doctors have to do now that don’t involve taking care of their patients. They have to spend less and less time with their patient and more time on all the regulatory, processing, getting their patients scheduled or getting their patients the right kind of medication, fighting with insurance companies for their patients, it’s a hard job.   :28

Clements says recent requirements relative to electronic medical records are especially burdensome but strategies to help are being developed. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.