Are there times when fallopian tubes should be removed routinely? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Ovarian cancer, a deadly form of the disease, actually begins in the fallopian tubes, which are adjacent to the ovaries and connected to the uterus, with a new study showing that cells found at routine Pap smears can make the diagnosis of ovarian cancer years before it is usually found. Kimmel Cancer Center director William Nelson at Johns Hopkins says this has led to a new strategy to reduce risk for the disease. 

Nelson: There's a movement afoot by gynecologic oncology surgeons to promote the systematic removal of fallopian tubes from women who are finished having children as a part of any abdominal surgery, so I think that the threshold to remove fallopian tubes particularly is going to be lower and lower over time and if they're the source of the disease that may actually be quite helpful.  I think the issue is will you be able to detect things earlier? I think the answer is you probably will, will that change the outcome of disease that's a harder believe me a much harder question.  :32

Nelson notes that women known to be at risk should consider this. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.