As cases of Covid once again increase, testing is just as important as ever, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Testing for Covid-19 has been a challenge throughout the pandemic, and unfortunately remains so for many. That’s according to infectious disease expert Lisa Maragakis at Johns Hopkins.

Maragakis: We still need testing. It wasn’t available at the beginning, we’ve struggled with it throughout the pandemic, and we still just don’t have widespread availability of rapid results tests that are good tests, and that’s one of the things that can empower individuals to make the right choices because we all have allergy symptoms or a little sore throat and you need to be able to test yourself frequently and say, is this Covid? And make choices about where you go, who you’re with, based on that information. And it’s just still too difficult to get a test.  :33

Maragakis encourages everyone with symptoms they suspect might be Covid to undergo whatever testing may be available to them and to choose actions that help protect others if they suspect they may have Covid. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.