August 2, 2018 – Ovarian Cancer Marker


Anchor lead: A new marker may help distinguish more dangerous ovarian cancer, Elizabeth Tracey reports

A newly identified marker for ovarian cancer may help stratify those cancers that have a worse prognosis, and perhaps indicate that greater vigilance with regard to disease progression is needed. That’s according to Mariana Brait, a cancer researcher at Johns Hopkins.

Brait : We were studying ovarian cancer. We were looking for alterations that are unique to ovarian cancer that have not been identified before. And that could bring an addition to the knowledge of the biology as well as potential candidates for early detection or stratification of the patients.  :22

Brait says they found a specific marker that was present in a subset of patients.

Brait: The alteration that we were seeing was present in about one-third, a little bit over in these patients in the independent cohort.  :09

Brait says the results need to be validated in current ovarian cancer patients but is hopeful this new marker may prove clinically useful. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.