August 25, 2017 – 10% Resistant


Anchor lead: Can resistant viruses undo all the HIV containment efforts worldwide? Elizabeth Tracey reports

In some countries, up to ten percent of HIV infections are resistant to medication, a study reported at the recent international HIV meeting reported.  The WHO has responded with alarm and a call for increased vigilance, in an attempt to keep these viral strains in check. Adriana Andrade, an HIV expert at Johns Hopkins, agrees.

Andrade: It’s a public health issue that not only has repercussions for treatment success and keeping a patient healthy, but public health issues that are much larger and could lead to transmission of resistant virus.  :14

Andrade notes that spread of a resistant viral strain could threaten all the progress made against HIV internationally.

Andrade: Globalization, there is so much travel everywhere so everybody is exposed to everything. And being exposed to a virus that is already resistant to a number of medications when you haven’t taken anything yourself in some areas will limit options for treatment and prevention.   :19

Prevention remains the best strategy with regard to HIV, Andrade says. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.