Can menopause symptoms be managed easily for most? Elizabeth Tracey reports


As women transition through menopause, they should be offered conservative approaches that don’t rely on medicines. That’s one interpretation of a recent Lancet series on menopause, and Wen Shen, a menopause expert at Johns Hopkins, says while such an approach offers a beginning, it is not a one size fits all solution.

Shen: There's so much evidence now that menopause, especially in menopause transition is the time of vulnerability for women for mood changes. They do mention cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Yes, those have been proven to be very effective in clinical trials, I prescribe that for my patients often. For a lot of patients they have already tried many of those options for themselves and they need more help than that.  :32

Wen encourages women to find a clinician who is knowledgeable about menopause if they continue to experience troubling symptoms. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.