Can the arts improve your health? Elizabeth Tracey reports


“Your Brain on Art” is the name of a new book co-authored by Susan Magsamen, director of the Arts+Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins, and it has an agenda.

Magsamen: How the arts can really change our brains and bodies and how that really can make a difference in our health and wellbeing. How we learn, how we grow, for me, the important part about the book was really being able to marry the science of the arts with these different ways that we live, and sometimes there are twists and turns, sometimes it’s about flourishing or building community, but what do we know about how we change physiologically and how might that help us use the arts in all of its forms in different ways?  :31

Magsamen and coauthor Ivy Ross set out to chronicle the many ways the arts, and that’s arts writ large, including song, dance, writing, painting, and also being on the receiving end of these enterprises and coming to appreciate them, literally rewire our brains to promote wellbeing. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.