Clinician Burnout


Anchor lead: A new
report from the National Academy of Medicine reveals causes of clinician
burnout, Elizabeth Tracey reports

What are the primary causes of clinician burnout and how can
we develop interventions to help? The National Academy of Medicine has released
their lengthy report. Patricia Davidson, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of
Nursing, says many of the problems are complex.

Davidson: Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are
racing to meet that bottom line which is something that is prescribed to them
by healthcare policy and insurers. So sometimes models of care that we develop
aren’t necessarily aligned with our clinicians values and beliefs. We work in a
healthcare system that even though we spend 3.25 trillion dollars it’s still a
system that is very focused on disease, not health. So we’re working in a
stressed system in a society that is even more stressed.  :30