Cooling Temperatures


Anchor lead: How important is outdoor temperature in the spread of Sars-CoV2? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Factors associated with increased rates of transmission of Sars-CoV2 include increased population density, younger age of the population, and cooler outdoor temperatures. That’s according to a study by Adam Kaplin, a researcher and psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins and colleagues.

Kaplin: As the temperature went up the rate of transmission went down, I can also say that even though it was going up where it was cooler the rate of transmission was much faster, even though yes, it was going in the up direction the cooler it was the faster the transmission and we know from all the respiratory viruses that have temperature sensitivity, when the rate goes down when it gets warmer it goes up when it gets cold.   :28

Kaplin’s concern is that as the Northern hemisphere moves into fall and winter, the temperature variable may become more important in the transmission of Sars-CoV2  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.