December 21, 2016 – Cancer Anxiety


Anchor lead: People with cancer who are nearing the end of life may be helped by psilocybin, Elizabeth Tracey reports

As people with cancer face the end of their lives, depression and anxiety are common.  Now a study led by Roland Griffiths at Johns Hopkins and colleagues at NYU has shown that a single administration of the drug psilocybin can really help.

Griffiths:  The results of the study showed that this single exposure to this moderate dose of psilocybin produced deeply meaningful and spiritually significant experiences to which volunteers attributed persistent changes positive changes in attitudes, mood and behavior, but more importantly they showed large decreases in symptoms of anxiety, and depression. The data are suggestive that these effects endured out to six months. :33

Griffiths notes that those who participated in the study were carefully prepared and supported through their experience with psilocybin.  The dose of the drug has been specifically determined through years of previous research as well.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.