December 27, 2017 – Knowing the Data


Anchor lead: Should life expectancy be part of a real estate data? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Should life expectancy information be part of a comprehensive look at real estate reports? Yes, if you believe data reported recently in a study by David Bishai, a population health and systems expert at Johns Hopkins, and colleagues. The study showed that investments in housing, infrastructure, and other factors affecting live expectancy of residents also resulted in improved property values.

Bishai: Some future extension of our research would have all of the internet apps for real estate actually include life expectancy data on it. You get the school test scores, the past sales, you get the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, what we’re showing is you really want to include the life expectancy data in that census track and that is becoming more and more available. What else would you want to know is am I going to have a shorter life if I move to that house? And what we know in public health is where you live determines how long you live.   :29

Bishai believes life expectancy could be an important factor when people are weighing options when it comes to purchasing a home. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.