Do e-cigarettes really help people quit smoking combustible cigarettes? Elizabeth Tracey reports

November 15, 2021


What is the data to show that electronic cigarettes help people to stop smoking combustible cigarettes? Michael Blaha, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins and antismoking activist, explains.

Blaha: The randomized control trial data shows moderate evidence that e-cigarettes can help with smoking cessation. However they also show people who start e-cigarettes to quit smoking but fail to quit, tend to become long term users of both products. Also the people who quit smoking using e-cigarettes tend to become long term users of e-cigarettes. In other words they don’t get rid of their nicotine addiction, they just have shifted their nicotine addiction to a product that may be less toxic.    :26

Blaha says the data that convinced the FDA to allow one brand of electronic cigarette to market itself as helpful in smoking cessation hasn’t been revealed but that a wealth of other studies are in the public venue. He notes that the data also show that quit attempts are much more successful when a constellation of methods are employed. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.

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