Do women get sleep apnea?


If you think sleep apnea affects more men than women, you’re right. But women, especially those past menopause, can get sleep apnea, too.
Johns Hopkins sleep expert Susheel Patil says women with sleep apnea tend to be underdiagnosed. They may feel shy about bringing up their snoring with their doctor. And, since a women’s snoring is typically quieter than a man’s, it may go unnoticed by a sleep partner.

Sleep apnea can show up differently in women than in men, Patil says. Insomnia, morning headaches, mood disturbances, excessive sleepiness and lack of energy are common complaints, and can be due to a number of issues for which sleep problems are often the last to be explored.
But if these symptoms persist, it’s worth a visit to the doctor to be checked for sleep apnea.

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