Do you need to go fully organic in the foods you consume? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Foods labeled organic are generally more expensive than conventional foods, with meats topping the list. Jaqueline Rose, a dietician at Johns Hopkins, says when buying fruits and vegetables, there are some considerations.

Rose: Organic, if its accessible, may reduce some herbicides and insecticides that would be going into that product, but for the general population because we really don’t have any current recommendations and we know sometimes organic can be a little bit more expensive I usually recommend that as long as you’re getting nutritionally dense foods in your diet that’s more what I’m concerned with over whether its organic or conventional. At the end of the day I want you to wash your fruits and vegetables regardless, but in terms of whether I prefer one over the other, just as long as it’s a nutritionally dense food.  :30

A nutritionally dense food is one that is more or less how it would be found in nature, without additives like sugar, salt or preservatives. Rose says opting for these foods will give you the biggest return on investment in terms of healthfulness. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.