Even when you’re vaccinated keeping up with other measures to prevent infectious disease is a good idea, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Don’t throw out your mask yet. That’s the advice of Johns Hopkins infectious disease expert Anna Durbin, as cases of Covid climb in Europe and the flu gets underway here in the US.

Durbin: That’s why I continue to wear a mask when I’m going into indoor crowded situations. I don’t want other respiratory viruses, I don’t want the flu so I continue to use those precautions as well just because I haven’t had a cold in what, 2 ½ years now, and I prefer not getting colds. So would prefer prepare for a bad flu season and I would definitely get the flu vaccine and definitely you can use other methods to prevent like masking, continue washing hands, if you don’t feel well don’t go to work.  :30

Durbin says fully vaccinated people have less risk than those who aren’t vaccinated, but that risk is not zero. And if you’re infected you may spread the illness to those around you, including very young children, elders, and those with compromised immunity. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.