February 5, 2016 – Developing Addicts


Anchor lead: Advertising clearly gets kids to use e-cigarettes, Elizabeth Tracey reports

The majority of kids and adolescents surveyed recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported seeing advertisements for e-cigarettes, and that fact, coupled with the rising rates of use among these same populations, is worrisome.  Enid Neptune, a lung expert at Johns Hopkins, says their strategy is easily identifiable.

Neptune: What’s become quite clear is that the business model that works best for these companies is early adoption of the use of e-cigarettes.  In order to ensure that that model is successful is to have very strategic advertising.  We have not been very strenuous in limiting the amount of advertising that these companies are able to do.  Hopefully with the new deeming rule by the FDA, such strategies will be implemented and hopefully will be successful.   :33

Deeming allows the FDA to bring tobacco products such as e-cigarettes under their jurisdiction to create rules.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.