Getting kids to exercise is going to require their parents, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Everyone needs to exercise, and that includes kids, especially as we’re experiencing a global problem with obesity. Exercise and cardiovascular disease expert Kerry Stewart at Johns Hopkins says any strategy to get kids moving needs to start with the parents.

Stewart: Parents have to set an example, they have to do activities with the kids that are active as opposed to passive. If the parent is sitting around on their iPhone or iPad or on the computer doing tik tok the children are going to emulate that behavior. Where kids can also get an awful lot of activity is at school, I wouldn't discount the hour or two of recess or after school programs that kids could be enrolled in that's a great way to deal with inactivity.    :31

Stewart says exercise can be as simple as a family walk after meals or might involve parents taking a coaching role in kids sports, but beginning this habit early reaps a lifetime of health benefits. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.