Early Decisions – Helen Describes Symptoms Her Husband Had and Decisions They Made

March 3, 2017

Helen Hovdesven shares her story of her late husband, Arne, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She currently serves as co-chair (with Sylvia Mackey) of the Patient and Family Council of the Johns Hopkins Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center.

Program Notes:
0:12 The disease I studied for physiology was Alzheimer's
1:01 He did have Lyme's disease
2:02 Forgot where the key was
3:00 He made all his own decisions and articulated them
4:03 He has a pacemaker and we didn't replace the battery
5:05 A friend said why don't you let Arne do what he wants?
6:04 Didn't have to worry because she understood
7:06 People shy away when you tell them
8:07 I don't think its forgiveness
9:07 Go and visit your friend
10:05 End