Coming to Terms – Helen Deals with Her Husband’s Inability to Communicate Clearly

March 3, 2017

Helen Hovdesven shares her story of her late husband, Arne, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She currently serves as co-chair (with Sylvia Mackey) of the Patient and Family Council of the Johns Hopkins Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center.

Program Notes:
0:08 Participating in things that would help
1:01 I was a health advocate professionally
2:03 How blessed we are to reach 80 or more and have our body and mind
3:06 Picked up his arm and had taken his watch off
4:05 There's a real I know you way deep down
5:02 To read what the patient isn't saying
6:07 They were so frustrated because he wanted to stop
7:03 Must like yourself first
8:04 You go home alone, you are socially isolated
9:17 End