How can precise imaging help in cancer management? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Cancer is an area where artificial intelligence or machine learning is making great strides. Elliot Fishman, a medical imaging expert at Johns Hopkins, says the computer’s role goes from interpreting the image obtained in scanning to applying information from many previous similar scans.

Elliot Fishman: We’re trying to use the computer to accentuate normal from abnormal, to show you precisely what is going on, and then taking the body as literally a three D map from looking at the vessels, the organs, and all the individual structures, we can then take those images and look at them with augmented reality. One of the biggest things you’re going to see in medicine over the next two years is augmented reality. If we can get the precise best definition of what the patient’s tumor is and how it will need to be operated on.  :30

Fishman notes that no additional scans or studies are needed from the patient to apply this technology, and that the information is often used during surgery to achieve the best outcome. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.