How can you integrate mindfulness into your daily life? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Reaping the benefits of any new practice takes time and persistence, and the same is true for mindfulness. Neda Gould, a mindfulness expert at Johns Hopkins, offers a few methods you can use.

Gould: At any point during the day you can pause, and take a few deep breaths. You can bring attention to your senses. Our senses always reside in the present moment. I’d also encourage you to choose one daily activity, taking a shower, washing your hands, and see if you can bring attention to the present moment, to your senses during that activity. Mindfulness is a practice so you need to engage in it daily, over the course of time you’ll begin to see some of the benefits.  :33

Gould notes that like many new habits you probably won’t notice much benefit at first, but feel confident that change is happening and will allow you to achieve your goals. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.