If you are a millennial woman, are you too young to think about heart health?


If you’re a millennial and a woman, you may think you’re too young to worry about heart disease. But think again, says Johns Hopkins cardiologist Roy Ziegelstein.

Unlike conditions such as strep throat that take only days to cause symptoms, heart disease typically develops over many decades. Even though the first symptoms in women generally appear in later life, the earliest signs of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries — begin long before that.

Ziegelstein says problems in blood vessels often start when people are in their 30s. So, to avoid issues later in life, it’s important to follow recommended guidelines while you are young.

It’s never too early to get into some heart-healthy habits. Quit smoking, get regular exercise, maintain an optimal weight, and keep an eye on your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. Doing these things now can lay a foundation for better cardiac health in the years ahead.

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