If you choose to have your vision corrected with LASIK or another technique, will you need retreatment as you age? Elizabeth Tracey reports


LASIK and PRK are both eye surgeries used to correct vision, but are their benefits permanent? Meghan Berkenstock, an ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins, explains.

Berkenstock:  The earlier you get LASIK or PRK the longer the effect will last because when we hit around age 40 to 45 we all start to need reading glasses unless we're nearsighted to begin with or some people choose for touch up in order to have one eye near and one eye far called monovision usually you don't need  to touch up unless maybe things are just slightly blurry after you have it done and then you get rid of any residual astigmatism or any prescription that you might need.  :27

Berkenstock says the key to a successful procedure is careful evaluation beforehand to make sure you’re a candidate. She notes that reading glasses are often necessary after LASIK because of aging of parts of the eye, not because the procedure hasn’t been successful. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.