If you’re pregnant, what should you do about food cravings?


"You’re pregnant, and you’re hungry all the time. You might feel like saying, “Hey, I’m eating for two, pass the ice cream. And the chips. And those other chips.”

But while occasional indulgences are certainly fine, snacks are not created equal. And nutrition shouldn’t go out the window during pregnancy — for your sake and your baby’s.

So consider the snacking advice offered by Johns Hopkins nutritionist Diane Vizthum.

She says to think about what craving you want your snack to fill. Looking for something sweet? Crunchy? Salty?

Once you’ve determined that, do some creative swapping. Instead of diving spoon first into a pint of ice cream, try a fruit-filled yogurt smoothie. And those chips? Step away and reach for beans. Yep: Roasted and lightly salted beans can be your secret hunger weapon.

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