If You’ve Had Covid


Anchor lead: Having had Covid-19 doesn’t give you a free pass, Elizabeth Tracey reports

People who’ve had Covid-19 still need to keep their masks on, physically distance themselves from others and wash their hands while the pandemic continues. That’s according to Lisa Maragakis, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins.

Maragakis: Those who have had the infection it is important to continue the same types of precautions that we’re recommending for everyone. You might actually still be shedding virus even if you’re not in isolation precautions and the possibility that reinfection or at least carriage- picking up the virus and carrying it and transmitting it to others, is still possible. So until we know more, each of us regardless of our past infection status or if you find out that you have some antibodies to it, we’re still recommending that everyone practice the precautions.  :32

Maragakis says that as the science advances it has become clear that public health measures do help reduce the rate of infection with Sars-CoV2 as well as the flu. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.