Increasing fiber may be key to weight loss in a study of time restricted eating, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Fiber comprising a lot of an overall healthy diet may have resulted in weight loss for two groups of people in a recent study- those who ate only during a shortened period while they were awake, so-called time restricted eating or TRE, and those who ate the same types of foods but in a more typical consumption pattern. Nisa Maruthur, the study’s lead investigator and a primary care physician at Johns Hopkins, comments.

Maruthur: One of the things that was interesting and I think this is true for people who end up on more plant based diets. Because it was healthy we're giving them a lot more fiber than they were used to. people who were assigned to TRE and having to eat 80% of their calories before 1:00 PM having like a fibrous meal that you weren't used to it was very difficult. I mean they did it but it was difficult. That was the thing I would hear at the beginning a lot, like there are too many blueberries how are you supposed to eat all those blueberries. For the volumetrics part of this was probably kind of difficult for people. It wasn't so difficult that we didn't end up with really high adherence.   :30

Maruthur says adding much more fiber to a diet helps quality as well as quantity. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.