Inflammation and SARS-CoV2


Anchor lead: Understanding inflammation is key to managing COVID-19, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Inflammation is the process where our bodies engage several different types of cells, proteins and other factors to fight off infection, yet when it comes to COVID-19, we really need to understand the process better. Enid Neptune, a lung and critical care expert at Johns Hopkins, explains.

Neptune: Is inflammation good or bad? For viral infections there’s always been a biphasic aspect of the disease development. That’s because when you have any type of a pathogen, be it a virus or bacteria, you want you immune system to be revved up so that they can actually get rid of whatever that pathogen is. Then you want your immune system to dampen down because if it remains very energized and elevated and active, then it can start to cause harm.  :32

Neptune says medicines to help are available, and clinicians must determine when they are appropriate. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.