Is it ever too late to begin adding more plant foods to your diet? Elizabeth Tracey reports


If you’re an older adult, is it worth the time and effort to modify your diet to a more plant based approach? Very much yes, says Johns Hopkins dietician Jaclyn Rose.

Rose: I think it is beneficial to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, a more plant based style of eating no matter what age you are. It can help with just overall weight management which we know can progress into certain disease states or chronic diseases. It might increase your energy levels. It might help with blood pressure, so there are other benefits besides chronic disease prevention, even if it means it helps you to get out and exercise a little bit more, if it makes you feel good physically and mentally, then those are certainly wonderful benefits to incorporating a more plant based diet.  :32

Rose says if you already have a chronic disease or two, be sure to talk with your physician before embarking on a wholesale change in your diet, since some foods interact with medicines for example. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.