January 28, 2019 – Clinical Trials and Industry


Anchor lead: Just how involved is industry in clinical trials? Elizabeth Tracey reports

The majority of later stage clinical trials, aimed to bring new drugs, devices and vaccines to market, have industry involvement in study design and authorship along with their academic affiliations, a recent study in the British Medical Journal reported. Paul Rothman, dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, says such partnerships are needed.

Rothman: People want to make an impact. People are doing fundamental discovery because they want to impact human disease. In today’s world given the complexity of research and the complexity of taking science and transmitting it into cures or therapeutics or diagnostics requires interaction with industry. They have resources, they have expertise, and so I think for us to make an impact on human life we need to have thoughtful and robust interactions with industry.  :30

Rothman says transparency and full disclosure are fundamental to the success of industry/academia ventures. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.