July 11, 2014 – Advanced Prostate Cancer


Anchor lead: A sea change is underway in treating advanced prostate cancer, Elizabeth Tracey reports

How is advanced prostate cancer, cancer that has spread throughout the body, best managed?  That was the subject of research results presented at the recent American Society for Clinical Oncology meeting.  Kenneth Pienta, a prostate cancer expert at Johns Hopkins, describes the trial.

Pienta:  What that study did was take guys who had newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer, half of the men got pure hormonal therapy and the other half got hormonal therapy plus six doses of chemotherapy with taxotere.  The question was with chemotherapy early, would that make a difference?  It turned out it made a dramatic difference.  It added over a year of survival for these men.  So it’s a watershed change.   :32

Pienta says many other strategies to manage advanced prostate cancer are also returning encouraging results. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.