July 13, 2017 – No More Meds


Anchor lead: What might be the impact of changing the fats you eat? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Should you switch your fat consumption to vegetable oils, especially extra virgin olive oil? Yes, advocates a recent “Presidential Advisory” from the American Heart Association, citing abundant evidence that animal fats and butter are bad for your heart and aiming to eliminate confusion on this score. Seth Martin, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins, says there’s another upside to making such a change.

Martin: It is very possible that making changes in your diet can lead to less medications, less blood pressure, less cholesterol medications, either going down on the dose or even stopping the medicine altogether, because you’ve become healthier, you’ve lost weight, you no longer require that medicine, and so this is I think amongst other one of the key incentives to making these changes.  :26

Martin notes that most people would rather not take medications on a daily basis and that they are expensive, have side effects that can be troublesome, and sometimes stop working so a new one needs to be tried or added. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.