July 23, 2014 – Innovation Hub


Anchor lead:  Can a hospital space devoted to ideas solve some problems in healthcare? Elizabeth Tracey reports

What’s the best way to solve procedural problems in the workplace?  Chip Davis, president of the Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, is betting on a newly opened ‘Innovation Hub,’ a physical space in the hospital where anyone with an idea to share on solving hospital problems is welcome.

Davis: Rather than the onus of responsibility always coming back to the leadership of the organization to fix the problems what we’re really trying to do is engage the organization as a whole and the employees in fixing those problems.  One, because we think they have a lot to offer, and two, frankly they know that problem better than I do.  The great thing about health care is that wonderful, caring people come to work every day wanting to do the right thing.  And they have a lot of great ideas and really what we’re trying to do in this Innovation Hub is capture those ideas.  :32

Patients, too, are welcome to share their ideas at the Innovation Hub, which Davis hopes will become a national model.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.