July 5, 2018 – Women and Suicide


Anchor lead: Women are increasingly using lethal means to commit suicide, Elizabeth Tracey reports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released disturbing data on the increasing rates of suicide nationally. Karen Swartz, a psychiatrist and depression expert at Johns Hopkins, says women are comprising more of this number.

Swartz: Related to the suicide change one of the concerning facts is that women are having higher rates. Women are tending to use more lethal means, are more likely to use firearms, or hanging or other lethal means which is very concerning. There was a long pattern where women attempted suicide more frequently but were more likely to take pills, and thankfully also didn’t know which pills would be fatal and so they would make an attempt, and survive. And now when they’re making an attempt they’re often dying, particularly if they’ve made these choices. :31

Swartz says it’s fairly easy to search the internet for information relative to how to commit suicide, but notes that the top hits are now occupied by suicide intervention groups offering help. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.