July 7, 2015 – Data on Flibanserin


Anchor lead:  What do the studies show with regard to a new drug to treat low libido in women? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Men have Viagra and its cousins to treat erectile dysfunction, and now women are poised to have access to the first drug to treat their low libido, known by the scientific name flibanserin.  But critics have swarmed following the recommendation for approval to an FDA committee.  Leonard Derogatis, an expert in women’s sexual health at Johns Hopkins, describes the research.

Derogatis: if you look at the track record of flibanserin the facts are overwhelmingly positive.  I mean I’m very biased because I’ve done five flibanserin trials, I’m on the scientific advisory board of the company.  It’s extremely consistent in its efficacy, lack of serious side effects, the proportion of patients who take it and are judged as responders say oh this drug was significantly beneficial for me.   :30

Derogatis says about 60% of women will respond to the drug. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.