June 13, 2018 – e-cigs and Youth


Anchor lead: A new committee hopes to inform e-cigarette use worldwide, Elizabeth Tracey reports

In honor of World No Tobacco Day, an international committee has developed a policy brief to help inform lawmakers worldwide in regulating e-cigarettes, which are poised to addict a new generation to nicotine. Enid Neptune, a lung expert and tobacco activist at Johns Hopkins and a member of the committee, says the situation is urgent.

Neptune: We looked at electronic cigarette use among youth worldwide. The investigators reflected nine countries. Could we come up with a set of recommendations that could be integrated into regulatory policy globally and we were able to construct that. Much of this comes from first world countries like the United States and Europe, but we know that because these products are so attractive and has such significant uptake by youth, that this is going to be a global problem.   :31

Neptune notes that domestically the electronic cigarette called Juul has been banned in many high schools. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.