June 15, 2018 – Pain Relief


Anchor lead: A new clinic at Johns Hopkins takes a comprehensive approach to pain management, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Pain relief can be achieved without opioid medications or with limited use, but it takes a team of people to treat the many facets of pain. That’s according to Maria Hanna, a pain expert at Johns Hopkins and director of an acute pain management team, who firmly believes that patients with pain can be helped.

Hanna: Some of them have real pain but they don’t understand that physical therapy can take care of their pain. Or anxiety and depression and insomnia is a big part of the equation with pain so if you have these three elements with pain in those patients I need to treat those elements while I’m treating the pain. So that’s why we thought physical therapy, integrative medicine, like acupuncture, massage, all of this, and psychiatry are extremely, extremely important for these patients. :31

Hanna’s approach can also help people who’ve been taking pain medicines for years, she says. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.