June 6, 2018 – Rehab at the Gym


Anchor lead: Johns Hopkins is providing rehab services at a gym, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Rehabilitation and exercise often go hand in hand, and now Johns Hopkins has taken that to the next level in providing rehab services in a local exercise facility. Pablo Celnik, director of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins, describes the strategy.

Celnik: We are doing rehab in a health facility, it makes sense. You can continue to do the rehab but then you can refer them to the health treatments with a personal trainer perhaps or on their own. But they have some distance provision, they have some access to the therapists if needed plus any questions and consultation.   :16

Celnik notes the many benefits of such a partnership.

Celnik: Here we are bringing our expertise from an academic institution within high technology, teaching, as well as research. Patients like that, they like to participate in areas that helping in terms of the location of teaching, and perhaps even participate in research activities, while they’re doing their clinical care.  :16

At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.