Just how good is a specialized antibody for multiple myeloma? Elizabeth Tracey reports

The blood cancer multiple myeloma largely responds to a specially constructed antibody known as a BITE, for bispecific T cell engager, a recent study shows. Kimmel Cancer Center director William Nelson at Johns Hopkins describes the data.

Nelson: In this group they treated 232 folks with multiple myeloma. They did it across two doses given subcutaneously. They saw 64-70% responses in these people despite their not having responded to other things. They did see the cytokine release syndrome in about 77 to 80%, a rash in probably 2/3 and an odd change in taste in about half of them. This looks very promising moving forward.  :30

Cytokine release syndrome is a powerful immune response that people often describe as the worst flu they’re ever had. Nelson says there are also strategies to minimize this side effect that also appear helpful. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.