Limiting Exposure


Anchor lead: What does a doctor do to quell panic in the face of COVID-19? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Are you feeling more and more frightened in the barrage of information about the COVID-19 pandemic? On the front lines of treating patients with the infection, Enid Neptune, a lung expert at Johns Hopkins, offers one of her coping strategies.

Neptune: It’s very useful to pick a few sources of information that are reliable. And not try to venture beyond that, because that is the setting where you’re getting multiple incoming informational fire, that it can generate a panic mode. Or a sense of I don’t know what’s actually true. And there are objective truths in this pandemic. Select very carefully the places where you are going to get your information. And what I would suggest are conventional news sites.  :32

Neptune says adding others like the CDC and NIH sites is okay, and she says limiting yourself to checking in at most twice a day will keep you informed but out of panic mode. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.