Looking Ahead


Anchor lead: Should you choose a hospital with a hospital at home program? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Hospital at home, where hospital level care is delivered to people in their own home, is burgeoning nationally. Bruce Leff, a gerontologist at Johns Hopkins and hospital at home expert, says the data are compelling.

Leff: In terms of patient and caregiver experience lots of data from studies we’ve done, randomized controlled trials done around the world, probably one of the best studies models out there consistently better patient and caregiver experience at home compared with hospital. Covid has changed a lot in healthcare delivery, so hospital A has it and hospital B doesn’t, and you have something that hospital A has hospital at home, and could probably put you in hospital at home for, and you have a favorable attitude towards getting that care at home, you should go to hospital A that has it.  :32

Leff predicts that as people become more aware of this option, more will choose hospital at home in lieu of admission to a bricks and mortar hospital. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.