May 17, 2019 – Dangers of Medicine Rationing


Anchor lead: Medicine rationing on the part of patients may have serious consequences, Elizabeth Tracey reports

If you’re having trouble affording your prescription medications do you skip doses, cut pills in half or seek alternatives? You’re among many nationally in the 18-64 age range who do so, a recent CDC study found. Scott Berkowitz, an accountable care expert at Johns Hopkins, says these strategies are accompanied by real dangers.

Berkowitz: So much of our management of patients these days relates to chronic illnesses in many of our patients, especially as they age with multiple chronic illnesses, whether that’s diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and so the management of these conditions over time is increasingly with medications. And so the ability to take medications is really important for their long term care, and also helps to avoid potentially hospitalizations or other more costly procedures because they’re getting the right management.  :29

Berkowitz urges anyone who’s having trouble paying for a needed medication to talk with their care provider about it as there are programs to help. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.