May 18, 2015 – Vaccine Results


Anchor lead: New data show just how good the HPV vaccine is, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Data from over 250,000 girls don’t lie: those who were vaccinated against human papilloma virus saw a 44% reduction in how often they got cervical dysplasia, a precursor to cervical cancer.  Joseph Califano, an HPV expert at Johns Hopkins, comments.

Califano: We would expect after young girls are vaccinated they would get less incidence of cervical dysplasia. But these data are particularly reassuring, because we know now that in a large population that we followed prospectively that this vaccine actually works and protects young girls from lesions that could become cervical cancer if left untreated.  :18

Califano identifies a major barrier to vaccination.

Califano: Really it’s about education.  Education of primary care providers including pediatricians, and education of parents who need to know that getting this vaccine prevents kids and young adults from getting cervical dysplasia.   :12

Three doses of the vaccine are required to get the biggest benefit.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.