May 19, 2016 – Sex and Zika


Anchor lead:  There are some clear strategies to avoid consequences of Zika virus infection, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Zika virus is now categorized by the CDC as being both mosquito-transmitted and sexually transmitted.  Thomas Quinn, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins, says studies in men who’ve been infected with Zika demonstrate why.

Quinn: They can carry the virus for a longer period of time than we ever recognized. That’s a problem, because then a male could sexually transmit it to their sex partner. That may happen within a month, or two months. Beyond that we don’t know but we are now recommending that you should avoid sexual intercourse or at least use condoms so you don’t transmit to a woman especially if she’s planning on getting pregnant.   :32

Quinn says it’s unknown how long a woman may harbor the infection or conditions under which she may transmit Zika to a partner, but says for now conservative strategies with regard to condom use are best.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.