May 22, 2019 – Seizures and e-cigs


Anchor lead: Seizures may be one consequence of vaping, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Evidence is emerging that e-cigarettes may be less harmful than combustible cigarettes but there are still dangers associated with their use, including the risk of seizures. Michael Blaha, a tobacco regulation expert and cardiologist at Johns Hopkins, explains.

Blaha: There is a signal now that people who use electronic cigarettes are more likely to have seizures. This is likely via central neural mediated pathways involved with nicotine and other products, and just one of the many ways electronic cigarettes probably have some bad effects on our health. Electronic cigarette products in 2016 were deemed to be tobacco products for the first time, so the FDA since 2016 has the opportunity to regulate these devices. Now we’re going to see how the FDA will do this with new products. :29

Blaha says most cases of seizures involved young, first time users, and notes that such an adverse event has also been seen with intentional or accidental swallowing of e-liquid. He believes that additional adverse health consequences of vaping will continue to emerge. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.