May 3, 2018 – inHealth


Anchor lead: What is behind a massive big data effort at Johns Hopkins called inHealth? Elizabeth Tracey reports

There are great hopes for utilizing big data in improving health, with various national efforts such as the ‘All of Us’ project by the NIH aimed at doing so. At Johns Hopkins the inHealth initiative is underway. Antony Rosen, codirector of inHealth, explains the strategy.

Rosen: Diseases that we give a single name are almost always comprised of subgroups that are somewhat different to each other. Diagnosis, therapy and prevention often works best when it’s focused on a subgroup.  inHealth and precision medicine tries to define the markers that identify subgroups so that interventions, diagnostics, can be much more rational and precise. :27

Rosen says right now, patients with prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis are benefiting from the inHealth approach, with many more diseases and conditions coming online soon. Rosen says Johns Hopkins patients have access as part of their care. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.